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book 3

Heart of the City

Wild Hearts Series

One reawakened love

One woman he’d do anything for

One plea for help to save a life…or die trying

Chase loves Lara. After narrowly saving her from horrible Tristan, he’s more certain of that than anything else in his life. But she’s returned home to Chicago, to the big city, to an urban life he left long ago and cannot bear the thought of returning to.

That is, until Lara calls him one night in desperation. Her beloved nephew, another victim of a tragic past, is missing. Now, Chase must decide if he can brave his demons for the woman he loves and follow her into the heart of the city.

Will he find the strength in his heart to show Lara how much he loves her?

Can the two of them save her nephew?

Or will the city take their love, their hearts… even their very lives?

KAY Wolfe

 Kay Wolfe is a sweet contemporary romance and romantic women’s fiction author. Kay gives her readers strong and inspiring women who struggle through real-world challenges and, in the end, find love and happiness.

 She is a strong believer in happy endings, in seeing people find fulfillment in each other, and in love prevailing against all odds.

Drawing from her own experiences of living in small towns in the Rocky Mountains, Kay knows the healing power of close-knit community and of nature.

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“Chase, you’re not that man anymore. I’ve seen the man you are, even if you don’t recognize it yourself. I know the man I’ve fallen in love with. I see you the way you truly are. You have nothing to be afraid of anymore. I trust you, completely, and I’ll always be here for you…”

– Excerpt from Heart of the City

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