Heart of the Journey

Wild Hearts Series – Prequel

One life in chaos.

One second-chance at love.

One desperate decision that could tear it all apart. 

 Chase Hunter embodies the American dream. Growing up on a ranch nestled in the foothills of Wyoming, free to explore the vast wilderness around him, he has it all – excellent grades, star athleticism, and a beautiful girl on his arm.

But when creditors come for the ranch and his entire world is shattered, Chase must leave it all to find new meaning in his life. His search will take him to the Special Forces, to the hell-fires of Afghanistan, and into the arms of the lovely Tess. The wounds of war, however, are not so easy to overcome.

Will brotherhood and love be enough to rebuild his shattered life?

Or will the scars he carries prove too great for even love to heal?

Heart of the Mountain

Wild Hearts Series – Book 1

A broken heart.

A mountain escape.

Cougars, cliffs, wild storms…and a second chance at love?

Lara is a Chicago lawyer in a powerful firm. When the fallout of a failed relationship threatens to derail everything, a drastic change is needed. Her friend suggests a cabin-getaway in Wyoming to get her life in order. Suddenly she finds herself out west, the natural beauty beginning to heal her heart.

The mountains are no place for the unwary and one misstep can be fatal. When Lara is saved by Chase, she discovers in the wounded ex-soldier a soul like none she has met before – a man who makes her feel alive again. Before she knows it, she finds herself on a journey that will risk her heart and her very life.

Can two hurt souls find love and healing during a stormy Wyoming fall?

Heart of Conflict

Wild Hearts Series – Book 2

One new love.

One old flame.

One mistake that could change her life forever.

When Lara left Wyoming she thought she’d found it all. Chase seemed like the man of her dreams, and for once she wasn’t alone. It’s a long way to Chicago, however, and sometimes not even love can bridge great distances.

Now, a year later, Lara returns to the mountains with a new love and a chance to start over. Her intentions are good, but the embers of Chase still smolder deep in her heart. Add jealousy, chauvinism, and the clash of urban and rural life, and what’s left is an explosive mix she can’t hope to contain.

Can love prevail over the fires of passion?

Or will Lara’s decision cost her everything in the end?

Heart of the City

Wild Hearts Series – Book 3

One reawakened love.

One woman he’d do anything for.

One plea for help to save a life…or die trying.

Chase loves Lara. After narrowly saving her from horrible Tristan, he’s more certain of that than anything else in his life. But she’s returned home to Chicago, to the big city, to an urban life he left long ago and cannot bear the thought of returning to. 

That is, until Lara calls him one night in desperation. Her beloved nephew, another victim of a tragic past, is missing. Now, Chase must decide if he can brave his demons for the woman he loves and follow her into the heart of the city.

Will he find the strength in his heart to show Lara how much he loves her?

Can the two of them save her nephew?

Or will the city take their love, their hearts… even their very lives?

Heart of the Past

Wild Hearts Series – Book 4

One new love.

One old life.

One whirlwind storm when past and present collide.

Chase Hunter has everything he could ask for. His relationship with Lara renewed, he now has a chance to show Lara’s nephew a new way to live, free from the nightmares of his past.

But the rescue mission in Chicago brought back memories for Chase – memories of his own son, and of his guilt for leaving the boy so many years ago.

Now, as Chase struggles to learn how to be a caring father-figure, a call will come that will change everything.

A call from his ex-wife. A call about his son.

A call that will force him to make an impossible choice between love and family.

Will Chase and Lara be able to navigate the uncertain future when Chase’s past returns to haunt them?

Or will they lose everything they fought so hard to build?

Coming Soon!

Wild Hearts Series – Book 5

Coming Soon!

Wild Hearts Series – Book 6

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